Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Seek and you
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Who We Are

             Mission Statement

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is "People Focused on Following Jesus" by:

  • Inviting others into relationship with God through Jesus the Christ.
  • Celebrating God's presence among us through worship and fellowship.
  • Leading this community of believers to grow in discipleship & faith, and
  • Calling them to serve God and others.

            Vision Statement

We shall accomplish the above Mission by:

  • Being Christ-centered and Scripture-centered in all we do and are.
  • Having Pastors and People who share leadership in ministry and governance.
  • Providing strong programs and ministry to people of all ages, situations and life circumstances with an emphasis on youth.

            Definition of a Disciple

         A Disciple of Jesus is one who:

  • has been brought to faith by God, 

                     and through the Holy Spirit intentinally acts upon the

  •  desire to follow and be like Christ,
  • maturing in faith continually.


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