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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways to volunteer at Trinity Lutheran. Many of these positions are visible and well known, but there are many more that are behind the scenes. If you ever wanted to help out, this page is for you! There are various different ways a person could help out not only our congregation, but our community as well!

All of these opportunities have training available. If you are unsure if you would like to be involved in a particular task, you are encouraged to speak with the leader of the ministry. They are more than happy to show you what their ministry is about. If no leader is listed below, speak with Pastor Rodney. You can also try it once or twice if you would like – there is no pressure to stay with something you do not feel called to do. There is also no requirement to stay in one or more ministries forever. If you would like to volunteer in one or several different ministries, please contact Pastor Rodney.

Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities

Snow Removal:  Keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice is very important on Sunday mornings. If you like to shovel snow, this task is for you. Leaders – Council Trustees

Lawn Mowing:  Keeping the grass trimmed leads to a better landscape around our church. If you like to mow, then this task is for you. Leaders – Council Trustees

Christmas Tree Angels:  Each year, our church participates in the Angel Tree program. This program helps children who have parents in prison get Christmas gifts. If you like helping children and buying gifts, this opportunity is for you. Look for the Christmas Tree with Angel Tags after Thanksgiving.

Vacation Bible School:  Each summer we organize a time for kids to learn more about the Bible. We are always looking for help with teachers, ideas, and chaperones. Leader – Council Elders

Worship Service and Sunday Morning Ministries

Sunday School Teachers:  We are always looking for more volunteers to help teach Sunday School after the church service.  Come help educate the future.

Flowers for the Altar:  This is an opportunity to bring flowers on a Sunday. Some people bring flowers from their gardens, others buy arrangements in honor of a birthday, memory, or anniversary. We invite you to sign up for a Sunday during the year to decorate the front of the church with a lovely arrangement.

Altar Guild:  Have you wondered who changes the banners, or who sets up communion before the service? This is the role of the Altar Guild. Each member of this group takes turns setting up communion and cleaning up afterward on a particular Sunday. They also make sure that the banners are changed based on the different church holidays and seasons.

Sunday Fellowship Snacks and Coffee:  Everyone enjoys the wonderful snacks and having coffee after the service during the time of Fellowship. We always welcome more people to pick a Sunday and bring snacks to share with everyone. There is a sign-up sheet in the kitchen. Leaders – Council Deacons

Reader:  Do you like to read? Or do you want more practice reading out loud in front of a group of people? This opportunity is for you. The members of this group take turns reading the lessons each Sunday.

Worship Assistant:  Would you like to take the next step and help Pastor lead the congregation? The Worship Assistant reads various parts of the service and leads the congregation in call-and-responses. Leader – Pastor Rodney

Communion Assistants: These people take turns helping serve communion during the service.

Greeters/Ushers: These people take turns greeting people at the front door and distributing any handouts. They are also the ones who help with directing people forward during communion. Other tasks involve helping out wherever needed during the service.

Sound System Operator: These people take turns running the sound system upstairs. They turn on and off the various microphones used in the service.

Projector Slide Show Operator:  You can help take turns running the projector for the Sunday service.

Musical Ministries

Handbell Choir: We are always interested in having more people join our bell choir. While currently we have all the positions in the main choir full. If there is enough interest, another choir can be formed – or we can have alternates in case a current member cannot make a practice or performance.

Worship Team Musicians: We are always looking for more instrumentalists and singers to join the Contemporary Worship Team!

Adult Vocal Choir: If you love to sing, then this group is for you.

Ministries Outside of Worship Services and Sunday Mornings

Youth Ministry Assistant and Chaperone: This is for middle school and high school age youth. It consists of a mid-week meeting and Sunday morning classes along with several outings per year.

Holy Communion Distribution to Shut-Ins: This ministry brings Holy Communion once a month to those who are unable to regularly attend worship services. Leader – Pastor Rodney

Meal Ministry: This ministry was once active but needs to be rejuvenated. It consists of bringing meals to the homes of those persons undergoing trials or transitions. Examples include after a hospitalization, after surgery, at the time of death of a loved one, birth of a baby or moving into a new home. If you are interested in helping coordinate this ministry, please contact Pastor Rodney.

Homeless Persons Ministry: This ministry is just what it says, helping those who find themselves without a home.

Extended Ministry Fund Board: This ministry administrates our memorials and endowment funds for the benefit of Trinity Lutheran Church and ministries outside of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Scholarship Fund and Committee: This ministry along with the Extended Ministry Fund administrates scholarships to our members who are attending college, Bible school, or seminary.

Prayer Chain Ministry: This ministry prays for those in time of need or trial, etc. If you like to pray and want to pray for our members and friends, you will receive the requests by your choice of phone or email about once or twice a month.

Congregational Council: Each year we hold elections for the council. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the decisions of the church, this is a position for you.

Good Shepherd Hospital Board and Foundation: The people of Trinity Lutheran Church were instrumental in the founding of Good Shepherd Hospital and in its administration ever since. We always have four of our members serving on the board of directors.

Small Group Ministry Leadership: This primarily consists of our Women’s Bible Study and Follow Me Small Groups. Leaders – Elaine Koester and Pastor Rodney

Quilting & Lutheran World Relief: If you like to quilt, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Each week, the quilters get together and make quilts that are then donated to the Lutheran World Relief program. They are also the ones who get together school supplies and various other items that are also donated to the Lutheran World Relief program.

Indigent Persons Fund: We continually help persons in need of financial resources. We distribute about $100 each month in the form of Walmart gift certificates and cash. If you would like to help fund this ministry, which never has enough funds, please speak with the leaders – Willie Burright and Pastor Rodney

Compassion International Children Support: We support several of these overseas children by sending monetary contributions each month. This ministry is never fully funded and looks to you for support.


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